Dr. Ejaz Ahmed

Ejaz Ahmed is an Honorary Research Fellow in Centre for Mobile Cloud Computing Research at University of Malaya, Malaysia. Previously, he has worked as a research Associate at C4MCCR, University of Malaya, Malay­sia, CogNet Lab, NUST, and CoReNet Lab, CUST, Pakistan.


His research experience spans over more than eleven years. So far, he has successfully published his research work in more than sixty highly-reputable international journals and conferences. He has received several performance awards during his research career. His areas of interest include Mobile Cloud Computing, Mobile Edge Computing, Internet of Things, Cognitive Radio Networks, Big Data, and Smart Cities. 


He is Associate Tech­nical Editor/Editor of IEEE Communications Magazine, IEEE Access, Springer MJCS, Elsevier JNCA, and KSII TIIS. He has also served as a Lead Guest Editor for the Elsevier FGCS Jour­nal, IEEE Access, Elsevier Computers & Electrical Engineering, IEEE Communications Magazine, Elsevier Information Systems, and Transactions on Emerging Telecommu­nications Technologies. He has organized several international conferences as Chair and Co-chair.


Email: imejaz@gmail.com